How to Keep any Relationship Strong

So you’ve finally met that special someone who absolutely completes you. Together, you’ve survived the courtship and dating phase, navigated the highly explosive initial charges of sexual chemistry and reached the happy stability of a dependable long term relationship. “Team Us” is in full swing and you intend to keep it that way. But relationships can and do plateau when things get to be business as usual, so you want pro-active solutions to prevent that from happening. Team Us is going to have to overcome the challenges that come, but how?

Being able to identify issues known to hinder relationships can help. Here are ten reasons for an epic relationship fail:

*Different life speeds
*Relationship abuse
*Lifestyle habits and abuse

Now Team Us knows what problems to look for, let’s look at relationships from the more optimistic and pro-active angle.

Remember not to lose sight of the individuals that comprised Team Us to begin with. Most relationships start off great because the individual dynamic potentials of two separate people came together harmoniously. It remains imperative both of you stay at the top of your respective games, and healthy as well. Also, in the beginning, each of you had an air of mystique for the other to investigate. Stay mysterious by keeping your partner guessing, but never in doubt. It’s a reasonable expectation that you each bear a responsibility with keeping the other engaged in the relationship.

It’s important to remember to keep your expectations reasonable. When Team Us first broke ground, you each were into the other wherever your lives were at the time. Now while it’s a good rule of thumb to motivate and embrace change, you’ve got to understand the actual abilities and limitations of each team member forming Team Us. If neither of you were a millionaire when you met, it’s a little unfair to expect it by next November, or at all. What works best is if you both are aware of and communicate what it is you expect out of life and each other. Move forward as a team, but never hold the other back. If changes are necessary, communicate them.

Now that Team Us has communicated its expectations within a reasonable level, it’s time to seek those changes inherent in keeping a relationship healthy. No one, except maybe ponds, likes stagnation. It’s strong advice that Team Us put time aside to set goals and plans. Utilize a date night for a team meeting. It’ll enhance the sense of togetherness and you can seal any deals with intimacy. Throughout the evening, take time to assess where the relationship’s at and where you’d like it to go. Don’t be afraid to take chances, and move forward together.

You have to talk in a healthy relationship. It’s understood that some people have a hard time opening up and it’s not suggested you waterboard your partner in Team Us, but this is how trust develops. Talking will allow you to set boundaries, gain trust, express your perspective, bond, share memories, show love and fight. Yes, fight. There’s nothing wrong with fighting as long as it’s done with respect. You are a unit made of two unique individuals who have their own perceptions of life. You won’t always agree. Remember the principles of reasonable expectations? Good. Respectful fighting is fine as long as it’s followed by forgiveness. And this is the person you love, unconditionally, so why not truly forgive them? Besides, fighting can lead to earth-rattling sex.

Do NOT underestimate the important of sex as it plays a huge roll in the intimate glue of Team Us. It’s a communication of emotions, passion spelling itself out with the caress of body parts. With every action in sex, you’re communicating a hidden message of love and
fiery passion. Learn how to read and speak the language of sex. Think about what you want your body to say. Use verbal communication if you aren’t getting your points across. Affection and love are also aspects of romance that need to be nurtured. The principles of uncertainty and unpredictability can play major roles here. Utilize creative surprise through actions expressing love. Be spontaneous in your endeavors.

Team Us isn’t going to work if someone decides not to show up. This is where lifestyle issues such as drug and alcohol abuse can play a destructive factor. Being selfish in any of the aspects of a relationship can cause irrevocable harm. Dependability and trust rely on you being available.

If you get stuck on ways how to express yourself, need tips on a better sex life or ways to be romantic, the internet is a treasure trove of ideas. Remember, respect is at the core of every aspect of successful relationships. With it, Team Us can be an epic win.