Wilson Golf has developed a new winter men’s golf glove to help provide the protection needed in the winter golf season. In this article we look at the features of the Wilson Golf Winter Men’s Golf glove to see how it can protect your hands from the icy cold temperatures whilst enhancing your performance on the golf course.

Winter golf is upon us and as the temperature drops it is time to layer up and make the most of the empty golf courses. Winter golf is like the golf version of traffic in the school holidays, there’s less people where you want to be. Wilson Golf has developed golf gloves to create the perfect extension of men’s golf clothing to enhance your performance on the golf course.


The Wilson Golf Winter Men’s Golf gloves have been designed to be lightweight, preventing causing any substantial weight difference to your swing. These winter golf gloves have the ability to keep your hands warm in the outside cold whilst not affecting your performance on the golf course. The thin material can protect your hands from the uncompromising temperatures the UK is known for.


Wilson Golf has invested large amounts of research in the way your hand moves when holding your golf club. This research has resulted in a golf glove that moves like a second skin, not restricting any delicate muscle movement in your swing, which means even in winter golf, your performance on the golf course is not affected. Rather than restricting the hand movement, the Wilson golf Winter Men’s golf gloves are designed to enhance control of your golf clubs; perfecting your swing on the
golf course.

Microfiber Fore-Finger

As mentioned earlier, the sheer amount of research that has gone into these golf gloves has allowed has meant the Wilson Golf’s Winter Men’s Golf Gloves increase the control the wearer has over their golf clubs. This has been possible with the full microfiber fore-finger allowing the wearer to feel the golf club’s weight and detailing through this material as well as giving them grip.

Windproof Fleece

The majority of these Wilson Golf Winter Men’s Golf Gloves are made out of windproof fleece. Usually used for golf clothing such as golf jumpers and fleeces this material creates the installation needed around the hands to provide comfort when playing on an 18 hole golf course.

Brushed Fleece Top

For added warmth and comfort the Wilson Golf’s Winter Men’s Golf Gloves have a brushed fleece top. The brushed fleece finish provides warmth against the cold temperatures out on the golf course.

Stretched Knit Cuff

These golf gloves have covered all aspects of protecting your hands against the cold temperature, including the stretched knit cuff feature designed to prevent the cold from entering the area your glove covers. The stretched knit cuff helps keep the warm air around your hand locked in insulating your hand for the whole time you’re on the golf course.

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