Healthcare executive recruiters

Coors is a full-service healthcare recruiting and consulting firm dedicated exclusively to the healthcare industry

Coors Healthcare Solutions in Cincinnati, OH and Charlotte, NC is elite in the fact that only a few interim management agencies seeking change efforts succeed. Coors is one of these selective few. They understand the effect external competition can have on healthcare organizations, and they utilize this understanding to better help you achieve your goals, whether you’re an employee or a leader. You never have to worry about them assigning a manager to you, or assigning you to an organization, only to abandon you. They will not only remain in constant contact with the interim manager, but with the organization as well, to ensure that everyone’s expectations and standards are being met.

Through partnerships with respected organizations, Coors is able to provide their clients with worthy initiatives, unmatched performance history, and effective strategies, including training, communications, and measurements. Equipped with the top-of-the-line tools and innovative techniques, Coors is changing the healthcare executive recruiters and interim management world in a very positive way. They work to guarantee that both leaders and employees flourish.

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