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Australia’s web design directories are growing. Daniel Duckworth of Design Quotes has reviewed and ranked each to help web designers understand which ones will provide value.

Operating a web design service is no different than running any other marketing site. The key for it to be successful is to generate traffic and lots of it. Generally, some form of SEO work needs to be done to get your site indexed and ranked for the top search engines. This typically means creating dozens of written content with a backlink and submitting them to various article submission sites and blogs.

Another strategy is to make use of directories. Web directories are sites that contain multiple links to other websites within a specific category. They are mostly used as references; a video game site directory, for example, may contain links to online video game stores, video game blogs and forums.

Web designers looking to promote their site and generate more leads can make good use of Web Design Directories. Design Quotes is a site you can visit that rates the top 10 web design directories Australia. This is a very important aspect because not all directories are created equal.

An industry specific directory can help you in two ways. For one thing, it can greatly increase traffic to your own site. If the site is well established, been around for a while and is indexed in the search engine, then it may get a decent turnout of daily traffic comprised of those looking for web design services. If your site is in the directory, then some of those visitors may click your link and be taken directly to your site.

Web directories can also provide huge SEO benefit. If the directory itself is indexed and has a high page rank, then it can provide a lot of link juice and help boost your own placement in the search engine results page. It is important to note, however, that you are aware whether the site uses dofollow or nofollow links. If it’s the latter, then you get zero SEO benefit out of it.

What is the difference between dofollow and nofollow? With dofollow links, you get ‘credit’ for the lack of a better word, for the link you submitted, which helps with your rankings in the search engine. With nofollow, the links are not counted by the search engine. More blogs, forums and directories are beginning to only use no follow links in order to avoid being taken advantage of by other sites that leave behind backlinks to benefit themselves.

With Design Quotes, you can check out the top 10 web design directories that are worth looking into. These sites are rated according to whether it is a dofollow site and allow addresses for local citations. It also lists the directories’ Alexa traffic rank, page Mozrank, page authority and likelihood of generating targeted traffic and sales leads for your site.

The bulk of web directories do little to generate additional leads. A handful of directories, however, especially those concentrated on a specific industry, are potential goldmines. One of the best online marketing approaches is to use directories that are as well established as you hope to achieve for your own site. For more information please visit at