The primary reason would be family togetherness as everyone must work together. Assignment of individual chores is one of the best ways to do this. Everyone gets a feeling of “fullness” when they complete their chores and are complimented on how well it was performed.

Skills development is one of the greatest benefits from family camping. Setting up the family tent (depending on the type), can be a good learning tool for kids. Selecting the ideal place for pitching the family tent, such as ensuring that there is enough flat area that is free from branches and twigs and out of direct sunlight helps create observation skills.

Setting up a campfire is a skill that our ancestors used and is another skill that we can have our children learn. In these days and times just going into the woods and starting a fire is not very smart. You could have one of the older children (or do it yourself), put some of our modern wizardry to work and research campfires. What necessary equipment we need to build a campfire and the regulations on having a campfire in the area where we are planning our family camping trip.

Another benefit of family camping is teaching the kids about nature. Children should have respect and love of nature. They should be taught when they enter wooded areas, the creatures that live there must be respected and not interfered with. Trying to treat them as a pet can be life threatening in some instances. Just observing them can bring joy and wonderment in some of the younger children.

Another reason for family camping is the bonding experience. Camping tents are cozy, usually with no partitions between family members, creating a tight knit community. This allows for small talk and catching up on the children’s activities and what is going on in their life. Telling “Campfire Stories” that we heard as children, will chill and thrill the children just as it did for us.

A family tent camping trip is a wonderful way to breathe fresh air into the family. It serves both mental and physical health. It is a chance for love, fun and creating some family lore. It will serve as a great memory for the children and ourselves in trying times of our lives.
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