Public records search online

The leading website in providing information and public records to its users across the country,, now offers the ability to search these records instantly from the comfort of home.

Many of the records stored in databases accessible by PublicRecordsGuide include vital records, criminal records, court records and even address or email information.
PublicRecordsGuide takes this service one step further by providing educational material regarding how to conduct searches, where records are kept and the information contained in them. There are even pages which outline the laws that affect certain types of records and their access, as well as links to county and state government websites. These links may also give actual forms that are needed to order any type of official record copies from the responsible government agency, preventing the need to look elsewhere for these resources.
Explanations of what types of public records information must be kept private are also found on the site, allowing the user to understand fully what to expect during their public records search. These unique features make the site a comprehensive solution to any public records search, offering access to a variety of information and records regarding a search subject.
Types of records and information returned during a search at include criminal arrest records and court records, which will give clues about a person’s past and their tendencies. If there are any matching records found, details provided include physical description and mug shots, charges faced, dates of arrest and even information regarding any outstanding warrants found in a person’s record.
Searches may also return results from criminal court records or any civil case records that the search subject has been involved in. These records provide details about the type of case it was, the charges entered in court, dates of court hearings, identities of all parties involved and even where the case was heard.
Property records found at PublicRecordsGuide also provide clues about a person’s whereabouts or simply their personal real estate holdings. Any addresses connected to their name will return information about whether they are a homeowner and where, who may be living in the household with them, their age and even property tax information, making this site a leader among information services available online.