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New automated UltraSert document printer and inserter help organizations increase their order fulfillment efficiencies. The cost effective UltraSert system eliminates labor while increasing customer satisfaction and accuracy levels that reduces a facility’s overhead costs. This automated material handling system helps packing areas of the warehouse automatically print and insert receipts, shipping documents, instructions, and other custom documents automatically.

Wixom, MI, United States, May 22, 2013 — A new automatic document printer and inserter can decreaUltraSert Printer and Inserterse errors and increase order accuracy in organizations needing to print and insert documents into various size totes and boxes. Up to 25 pages per minute can be printed in operations where speed, accuracy and efficiency in order fulfillment are essential.

The new system is called the UltraSert Printer and Inserter. These units are integrated with conveyor and operate as an order moves to shipping. The system works by momentarily buffering the carton or tote in front of the UltraSert unit for inserting documentation. The specific documents ranging from a single to multiple pages are instantly inserted into the order and routed to shipping. An UltraSert system of one or multiple units can be used to print manifests, invoices, statements, instructions, labels, or any specialty documents required for any order depending on throughput requirements.

This system is patented and cost effectively priced to provide efficient organizations a fast Return on Investment (ROI) due to its accuracy, reliability plus labor and space savings features. One hundred percent accuracy helps assure customer satisfaction without any need for additional checking labor. The UltraSert system is designed for a simplistic implementation for new or existing operations looking to improve efficiencies.

The UltraSert printer and inserter integrate a heavy-duty laser printer with an inserter mechanism. The inserter mechanism is designed with only four moving parts for virtually maintenance free operation. The inserter counts the correct number of pages in the document group and inserts the pages into the waiting order.

A simple communications scheme to the host software system uses a standard Ethernet connection. Likewise, virtually any software system capable of sending a text and bar code output can be interfaced.

About Integrated Systems Design:
Integrated Systems Design – ISD is a leading manufacturer, systems consultant, designer and integrator for warehouse, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, life sciences, institutions and retail organizations in North America. ISD systems are renowned for their tremendous value, reliability and ease of maintenance. Systems are designed using technologies from the leading material handling manufacturers of the world.

Solutions designed by ISD focus on providing space savings, increased productivity, reduced labor, higher accuracy and system flexibility to change as an operation’s activities change in the future. Utilizing proven technology and off the shelf components helps provide cost effective solutions requiring minimum maintenance and yielding fast Return on Investments (ROI).

ISD expertise ranges from handling and picking pieces (eaches), cases, pallets, build lines, and special or custom handling solutions. Products and services include: automatic storage and retrieval (ASRS), conveyor, robotics, batch stations, automatic inserters and printers, pick to light, A-frames, horizontal and vertical carousels, vertical lift modules (VLMs), controls, software (including inventory management, WCS, WMS, MES and ERP), application and facility consulting and design, AutoCAD, system simulation, moves, installation and service.

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