Cats will be happier and more active if they have cat furniture or cat tree because it is one of the top ways to satisfy cats’ urge to scratch and climb, and provide indoor cats with fun and exercise.

Newark, DE, USA, March 15, 2013 — There is great news for all cat lovers, now CozyCatFurniture online store has launched new line cat furniture that includes cat condos, cat perches, cat trees and cat scratching posts, which are quite essential in taking care of cats.

Cats are so special to people, and often they are the most beloved members in the family. Cats love to play with people, and playing is essential for bonding, weight control, and for helping them develop muscle tone. In general, cats prefer homemade toys over expensive store-bought ones, but they also love to climb and scratch. While it may not be possible to stop cats from scratching, it should be possible to direct it to appropriate areas indoors. That is where the cat furniture and cat trees come.

The new line cat furniture was developed with only cats in mind. All cat scratchers and cat climbers are made in USA with first class materials. They come with solid wood posts and plywood platforms, and most of them feature at least one sisal post. Cats will scratch on sisal rope, which will bring them healthier nails and it will last at least 2 times longer than the strongest carpet.

The new cat trees and cat towers take up minimal space so they are ideal for apartments as well. And for all cat lovers that are not so handy to put most of the climbers together the new cat furniture come fully assembled, ready for use. Just unpack the item and it will entertain every cat for hours and will give it a safe place to play and lounge upon.

Having it’s own scratcher will make cat need less to scratch up the home furniture too! And once the cat learns to scratch its furniture instead of home ones, the cat owner will probably be very grateful.
Besides the furniture, offers a wide selection of wooden houses for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, whether the cat owner wants to put it in the garden or any open space in the house. Cat lovers can find outside cat houses, cedar cat houses or outdoor cat houses that are suitable for small, medium and large cats, and small dogs as well. Some of them have insulation, which provides great protection from both extreme cold and extreme heat.

They are providing high quality cat furniture, cat towers, cat houses, cat beds and pet steps at consumer friendly prices. They personally select every item in the store and truly believe that the products they carry will not only satisfy cats but will be great addition to existing home d├ęcor.

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