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Women owned business are increasing at twice the rate of male owned companies. Faced with economic uncertainty many women are deciding they have the skills to be the boss.

Charleston, SC, October 05, 2012 — Women owned business are increasing at twice the rate of male owned companies. Thanks to the many cost saving innovations implemented during the recession the capital required to start a new company is at an all time low. This combined with the rise of social media gives women an advantage as they are usually already comfortable using a personal social network.

Today’s small business owner is using the skills she learned in the corporate workplace to forge her own path. As large companies are facing uncertain futures and no longer offer the rock steady security of the past many women are deciding to take their chances and put themselves in control of their own destiny. Many female owned business tend to be small (10 employees or less) and as a result uniquely positioned for rapid change and adaption.

The fashion world has noticed this trend and is increasingly marketing apparel to working women. Instead of the club wear that dominated store shelves a few years ago many large retail stores are offering a variety of work appropriate separates. Today’s working woman requires a wardrobe that multi-tasks as well as she does. While these clothes are highly functional a woman can find them missing creativity and personal expression.

Princess Sparkle is the result of one woman combining her two passions- shopping and gift giving! Realizing she had a knack for helping others choose flattering outfits and accessories Sylvia decided to share her talents and open a store. Starting her own business was less daunting because she saw so many other recently started female owned small businesses. Princess Sparkle is dedicated to making online shopping an easy and fun experience! No more overwhelming page after page of confusing choices. Trendy flats and glamorous high heel pump shoes mean it’s easy to find the perfect shoe for any occasion.

About Princess Sparkle:
Princess Sparkle is an online boutique featuring cute shoes, fashion handbags, and trendy accessories. The store has a mission to find unique shoes and handbags to give every woman’s outfit a special touch.

Sylvia Amaya
Princess Sparkle
2637 Dellwood Ave
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