Grout Perfect

This article is about grout sealing for your home or work place. The differences in grout sealing, grout colour sealing and grout topical coatings.

When it comes to grout sealing there are three different grout sealer’s to choose from on the market today.

Grout Clear Sealer’s

The most common grout sealer is penetrating grout sealer’s, they have many different names, grout clear sealing, impregnating clear sealer’s, natural look clear sealer’s.

These grout sealer’s come in clear liquid and look just like water. They penetrate through the grout and sit just below the grouts surface to stop deep staining from liquids such as red wine or dirty water. The problem with these types of clear sealer’s is that they only stop deep staining from liquids. They do not stop your grout from looking dirty or stained as the dirt and stains can still sit on top of your grout but they do clean up easier then if you had no grout sealer at all, using a high alkaline cleaning solution.

Topical Coat Grout Sealer’s

The other type of grout sealer is called topical wet look coatings. These grout sealer’s sit on top of your grout and will give a shiny appearance. They should not be used for grout only as they are mainly used for sealing porous tiles like sandstone or terracotta. The problem with these topical wet look sealer’s is they do not last long and will peel off in foot traffic areas with in 12 to 24 months time.

Grout Colour Sealer’s

These are the new grout sealer’s on the market and sit on top off your grout also. They come in all different colours and will last more than 15 years. They do not wear or peel off. Grout colour sealer’s can not be stained and will not look dirty as nothing can stick to a grout colour sealer.

There is a lot more to these grout colour sealer’s. They will make your grout look completely uniform and consistent. No more ugly patchy grout and they are ten times easier to keep clean. Grout colour sealer’s will also water proof your grout, you may have seen unsealed grout change to a darker colour once wet but with grout that has been colour sealed there is no change at all just perfect looking grout all the time.

Grout colour sealing can only be applied to man made tiles such as ceramics and porcelains. Natural stone tiles you can not colour seal the grout as the sealer will bleed into the porous tile like sandstone or marble and will never be able to be removed.

So if you want a grout sealer that lasts and will look brand new in years to come look at the new grout colour sealer’s from Grout Perfect.