Fight co explain the benefits of the Hayabusa MMA shorts and the history behind the popular MMA equipment brand.

Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK, January 02, 2013 – Fight Co is keen to stock strong well branded MMA products alongside the Muay Thai products that are currently available online.A brand new exciting range of Hayabusa MMA shorts are now available from Fight Co in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes.

The Hayabusa brand originates from Japan where the translation of Hayabusa translates to mean ‘Falcon’. The Falcon bird represents strength, power and speed, all of which are qualities that Hayabusa believe to contribute to being a successful fighter. Hayabusa is undoubtedly one of the most established MMA brands available today and they have worked hard to produce MMA clothing to a high standard with one sole purpose to maximise a fighters performance.

Hayabusa have produced a range of MMA shorts that are both comfortable and extremely resistant for both training and fighting.A representative from Fight Co has the following to say about Hayabusa MMA shorts; ‘Here at Fight Co we are delighted to be stocking Hayabusa MMA shorts, with the huge variety of shorts available with the latest technologies of polydirectional stretch fabric, there is no doubt that the shorts will allow for increased manoeuvrability and strength. Fight Co has found that the bestselling Hayabusa short is the Chikara – available in Red, Black and Blue.’

Anyone interested in purchasing or browsing Hayabusa MMA shorts are encouraged to visit to view the MMA shorts and other Hayabusa products available. Fight Co is one of the Uk’s leading online stockists of mixed martial arts clothing and accessories, offering products from some of the industry’s best known brands including Bad Boy, Jaco, and Sprawl. The company sells Muay Thai shorts, MMA shorts and rash guards alongside a huge selection of boxing gloves, Thai pads and shields.

About Fight co:
Fight co are retailers of Thai boxing and MMA products with a large range of boxing gloves, MMA and Thai boxing shorts always in stock. All popular brands are stocked like Bad Boy, Sandee, Jaco, Hayabusa and Kinetica supplements.

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