Churchill Mortgage Corporation

Through this service, the company helps clients combine multiple unsecured debts into a single low-interest loan.

Indianapolis, Indiana (October 1, 2012) – Churchill Mortgage Corporation is providing Indiana debt consolidation services to local homeowners who want to take advantage of today’s favorable interest rates. Through this service, the company helps clients combine multiple unsecured debts into a single low-interest loan.

Churchill Mortgage works closely with clients who want to use the equity they have in their own homes to help pay off their debts. Debt consolidation gives homeowners the money they need to settle other obligations like auto loans, credit card balances, and other unsecured loans.

Many homeowners find themselves unable to continue mortgage payments because of accumulated debts from various creditors. For these people, a debt consolidation loan offers a number of benefits. Not only can it can combine multiple debts into one easy, low-interest payment plan, but the debtor can also enjoy lower monthly premiums, improve his or her credit score, and get debt-free faster.

Churchill Mortgage offers their extensive experience in the field of debt consolidation to local homeowners. Founded in 1992 by banker Mike Hardwick, the firm is dedicated to meeting the needs of people who might otherwise have to turn to out-of-state lenders for their Indiana home loan concerns. For over 20 years, they have been assisting individuals in obtaining financing even from other sources.

Aside from debt consolidation loans, the firm also offers mortgage advice and refinancing services. Additionally, they provide a wealth of online resources such as free reports and a mortgage calculator. Sample reports include a credit action kit and a refinancing handbook. These resources and more can help homeowners make more informed financial decisions.

The lender is committed to helping individuals with their various loan needs. Visit them online at today.

About Churchill Mortgage Corporation

Churchill Mortgage Corporation is a leading mortgage lending firm and one-stop home loan resource. For more than 20 years, Churchill Mortgage has been offering custom home loan solutions and more. They also assist people in finding and buying bank-owned homes in Indiana, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, and Tennessee.