2017 will be a great year for Brew City Church!

We are located in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We have already started, and will continue to push our online presence. This will include digigiv, so that our members can more easily tithe via a secure online portal. This service is being provided by our church website designer. We absolutely love Tyler and his team that he has assembled there at Ministry Designs. People should definitely check them out! Thanks to him we are now connected with an SEO agency that is helping grow our web exposure and map rankings. The people at SEO M.D. are the best SEO Experts that we have ever come across.

All of this online activity is an effort by Brew City Church to get with the times as it were, and reach out to the new generations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We realize that as the times change, the way in which we relate to the culture must also change. BUT, this should not mean we change the message that we bring. It only does more harm to make the message of Jesus Christ coming to die for your sins so that you maybe right before God, and that HE is the ONLY way to God. If we change the message, then many people will go to hell thinking they “had it right” and their blood will be on our hands.

More than this is coming. We are in the process fo taking all of the sermon audios that are currently online and turning them into transcripts for anyone that may not be able to listen to the sermons. We will then be expanding this to any online media. The end goal is to have all message in audio and text format and maybe even video for certain occasions.

If you want to find out more about the church please go to  http://brewcitychurch.org/about-us/. There you will find out exactly what Brew City Church is all about. We have a short video to really drive the message home. We have our missions statement and statement of faith there as well.

If there is anything to take away from this, it is that Jesus is everything to us. We would love for you, your family, and your friends to come join us this sunday morning or during the week with home church.

We have plenty of ministry opportunities for you and your family. Check them out on our ministries tab, but here is the list: Kid’s Church, Student Ministry, Home Church, Brew U, Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, 24/7 Prayer, Local Outreach, Global Outreach. What we are trying to say, is that there is a place that you can be poured into and a place for you to pour into others.

We are located at 1036 N Van Buren St in Milwaukee, Wi 53202 in the East Town area just a few blocks away from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. IF you need anything else, give us a call at 414-939-6323

1036 N Van Buren St