The best horror movies of 2012 were the ones that moved us. Come and find out what you need to see! has put together a list called the ‘Best Horror Movies of 2012’. The line-up features the usual mix of prequels (Prometheus), adaptations (Woman In Black) and original fare (Sinister).

‘ will go through the good and bad to find the hidden gems. I feel like the horror releases this past year have been great, and I had no trouble filling out what I thought was a worthwhile list. This past year we saw quite a few that delighted us, made us think, and ignited our imaginations. We also wanted to throw some appreciation to some of the less-talked-about movies of the year and some flicks that just made us scream. These flicks are on DVD, so if you’re looking for something to watch at home, get to your nearest DVD retailer and pick one up! Feel free to post your thoughts and comments. So without further ado, we present’s Best Horror Movies of 2012’ says Roosevelt Samarie L, founder of

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