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As the Holiday Glamour Season Moves into High Gear, Fashion Blogger Diana Pemberton-Sikes Looks Back at Some of the Breakthrough Beauty Products That Changed The World.

Wilmington, DE — Safe, convenient, easy-to-use beauty products are so common these days that we barely notice them. But it wasn’t always that way. Many of the beauty items in your makeup drawer didn’t exist a century ago.

So says image consultant and fashion blogger Diana Pemberton-Sikes of . “We know from Egyptian hieroglyphs that cosmetics were used in the ancient world,” says Pemberton-Sikes. “Lining the eyes was popular from Rome to India, and ancient Chinese royals wore fingernail polish. But almost all of the beauty products in those days were made from plants, food, or animal byproducts, and were perishable. They couldn’t be made or sold in large quantities.”

Which means that many women made their own cosmetics at home – often with hazardous results.

“When we want to play up our eyes in the 21st century, we reach for eye liner and mascara,” says Pemberton-Sikes. “But for centuries, women used kohl, fireplace ash, or even animal dung. Kohl has high levels of lead, and lead poisoning from makeup was a common problem for centuries. Using household waste products often resulted in severe allergic reactions or even blindness.”

Issues that have disappeared, thanks to science and research. So what were some of the biggest beauty breakthroughs of all time?

“Vaseline, Maybelline Mascara, Ivory Soap, and the Marcel Iron. Each lead to dozens of other innovations that are now part of the modern beauty industry,” says Pemberton-Sikes. “But the single biggest beauty innovator of all time was Max Factor. He created cosmetics for the film industry a century ago that became the catalyst for the modern cosmetic industry.”

So as you “go glam” this holiday season, add a little extra thanks that you have safe, easy-to-use beauty products at your disposal. It’s more than your grandmother had.

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