What to do When your Stomach Hurts

You have likely experienced some kind of stomach pain in your life. No matter if the pain is throbbing, stabbing, or burning, it can interrupt your entire day. Finding relief for your pain is a priority. However, since stomach pain is usually a symptom, it is important to determine what is causing your pain first and foremost. In this article, we will discuss the many different causes of stomachaches and a few home remedies you can use to treat them.

What Can Cause a Stomachache?

There are many different things that may be the root of your stomach pain. Here are a few of the more common causes:
– Indigestion
– Gas
– Constipation or IBS
– Gastric reflux
– Menstrual cramps
– Ulcers
– Kidney stones
– Gallstones
– Hernia
– A stomach virus
– Appendicitis
– Lactose intolerance or any other food allergy
– Food poisoning

When To Visit a Doctor

Before you begin trying to treat your own condition, you should be aware that your stomach may be a sign of a deeper issue. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms with your stomach pain, you should make an appointment with your doctor as soon as you can:
– Your pain lasts for more than a few hours
– Fever
– Constipation and vomiting
– Inability to keep food down for more than two days
– Frequent or painful urination
– You have suffered from an injury to your abdomen
– Your stomach is warm and tender to touch

Natural Remedies for Stomach Pain

If you are not experiencing any other symptoms with your stomach pain, there is no reason why you cannot attempt to treat it yourself. There are over the counter remedies tat you can try to relieve your stomach pain. However, there are also more than a few all-natural treatments that you can also use.

1. Drink Chamomile Tea
If your stomach pain is caused by indigestion or gastritis, a cup of chamomile tea can do the trick. This tea is an anti-inflammatory that targets the digestive tract. It helps the muscles along the digestive tract to relax and ease the contractions that cause your food to move through your body. This can also reduce the effects of any cramps or spasms that you may be feeling.

2. Consume Warm Lemon Water
This is another great remedy that targets indigestion. When your stomach cannot digest food and absorb its nutrients, it causes pain in your tummy. Indigestion is sometimes caused by a limited amount of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. By drinking lemon juice, you can jump start the production of hydrochloric acid and thus digestion. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice into a warm glass of water. Try drinking this after every meal.

3. Use Apple Cider Vinegar
This is another acidic drink that can actually help to reduce pain caused by gastric reflux. When the stomach acid leaks into places it is not supposed to be, it reduces the levels of acid in your stomach. This makes digesting food difficult and can cause you pain. By drinking apple cider vinegar, you can boost those acid levels and relive your pain. Though it works best when it is taken raw, you can mix it with water or honey to make it more palatable.

4. Ginger
Ginger can do wonders when used to get rid of stomach pain. It helps your digestive system to relax, digest food more easily, limit gas production, prevent nausea, and get rid of your stomach ache. Cut ginger into fine pieces. Then, boil two cups of water and add in the ginger pieces. Strain the mixture and drink it. You can also add honey if you want to.

5. Use a Hot Water Bottle
No matter what is causing your pain, a hot compress can help to relieve some of the pain. Fill a water bottle with warm or hot water. The temperature should be dependent on your personal preference and the amount of pain you are feeling. Then, wrap the bottle in a towel or cloth so that there is a barrier between the heat and your skin. Then, find a comfortable position to lay down in and relax.

6. Drink Peppermint Tea
Peppermint has long been praised for its ability to ease stomach pain. Like using a hot compress, drinking peppermint tea can help to relieve most types of abdominal discomfort. This is because peppermint leaves contain menthol, which is the active ingredient that targets nausea and stomachaches. If you are not a big tea drinker, you can also try chewing on mint leaves, smelling peppermint extract, or even eating a mint candy cane.

7. Eat Bland Foods
When your stomach is upset, doing something as simple as eating flavorless and bland foods can help. After all, you still need to eat. Stay away from foods that contain spices or salt. Try eating rice, toast, applesauce, or even bananas.

Article Topic Ideas to Defeat Writer’s Block

When experiencing writer’s block it’s good to take a deep breath and close your eyes for a moment. Eckhart Tolle says that in this simple quiet space of stillness, creativity manifests spontaneously. So for a writer who may be experiencing a block, this is one suggestion. Rest and without effort see what begins to bubble up from one’s subconscious mind. From this point on another method is simply one of connecting and linking different thoughts and ideas together and grabbing on to the one you find most interesting. For example, I began this writing saying to close your eyes, we can link this thought with writing on meditation, contemplation, hypnosis, consciousness, the physiological processes that go on in our bodies and the neuroanatomical mechanisms that come into play for allowing any experience whatsoever to become a possibility. How does the eye work? Is their truly an objective reality to existence or is everything simply the play of consciousness? Questioning things and looking deeply into them is a great way to overcome writer’s block. Also one can look into the category of writing that one is actually interested in. Fiction, non-fiction, science-fiction, fantasy, poetry, screenwriting, playwriting, iambic pentameter, dramas, comedies, biopic, memoirs, short stories, novels… The list goes on and on. Sometimes you can flip a coin, and see where that takes you. Heads I write about a place, tales, I write about an event in history. You can write modern things or past things. Future possibilities like exploration of mars or new technologies such as artificial intelligence and the internet age. If you are interested in history, you can write about the different civilizations that have come before us. The Babylonians, the hittites, the persians, the egyptians, the romans, the greeks, the macedonians, the carthaginians, the carolingians, the merovingians, the papal state, the renaissance, the age of exploration, the enlightenment, the industrial revolution. Let your consciousness flow freely and allow you pen or fingers to write or type away. Do not be bothered with boundaries unless you are focused very particularly on a specific writing style and certain rules. When your mind is exhausted of ideas, you can look back at the different topics you laid down on the screen or paper and begin to hone in on what may seem of most interest to you. Allow the topic to start out more gross level, just the rudimentary parts, to set the stage and scene, and then begin to progress to more subtle levels of character development, emotions, personality…refine your writing until the reader can taste and visualize what you are writing as if they have been transported completely to another place and time. Don’t worry so much about making mistakes, grammar, punctuation etc… you can always go back and edit your writing. The key is to let ideas flow freely, as Sigmund Freud called it, “free association”. Allow one thought to flow and connect with the next idea freely, neither blocking or suppressing. Watch your creative expressions as if clouds were floating by or a movie was being played, each scene different but some how connected, or somehow not connected at all. William James the father of modern psychology called mind the stream of consciousness, continually flowing endlessly. Within this river of mind more and more ideas will flow out. Sometimes you may find treasure exploding forth from your consciousness that was hitherto unbeknownst to the thinker. Also, play and have fun with writing. Do not allow it to become something that you dread and is difficult, don’t beat yourself up. What’s on the news? Trump? Than there you have your idea, write about politics. Global warming, there’s another debate. Republicans versus democrats, will it turn into civil war? The past is constantly flowing into the present, the present constantly flowing into the future, the three indelibly interconnected and unfolding. Each chapter unknown, some predictable, some a curve ball. Perhaps an alien invasion to write about? Or an natural disaster…or a man made disaster? Don’t get stuck in old writing habits and patterns. Allow your attention to wander to unchartered territories or some place you consider taboo. It is only through the light of wisdom and knowledge that the darkness of ignorance can be dispelled. If there are things you are afraid of or need to sort out, you can write about that. Often honesty is the best policy. The more open and truthful you are in your writing, the more cathartic is will be and also the more the reader will connect. Well I hope this brief article on possible ideas to defeat writer’s block helps any who read it. Also, you can try going someplace new and see if that triggers some new ideas. Novel experiences are always helpful. Afresh breeze may do the trick. Good luck.

A Bachelor Party With The Bros In Vegas

Las Vegas is the ideal place to go before your wedding and have a great weekend with guys. The list of things to do is almost endless. There is something for everyone in your group, but lets be real it’s your bachelor party so your opinion is the only one that really counts. So, no matter if you are looking for a tame time, or something that you wouldn’t tell your fiance Las Vegas is the place for you.

Of the more tame things to do the first on your list should definitely be Cirque Du Soleil. There are different Cirque shows to chose from in Las Vegas, so it is important you look and pick the one you think is right for you before the show. Tickets usually start at about 70 dollars depending on the show that you’ve picked. My one suggestion about these shows would be to go sober because they are weird enough without having four Jack and Cokes before the show.

Another activity I would suggest would be to go see an artist that has a Las Vegas residency. That list includes, Celine Dion, Elton John, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Boys II Men, and even Guns N’ Roses. Tickets for these shows can get a bit pricey, but like I said earlier this entire trip is for you so one of your friends should cover it.

There are also things for more adventurous groups to get into. For example, if you and your guys are competitive you should all go to the gun range and see who can hit the target the most. Other things that would fall into this category include indoor skydiving, zip lining, and even visiting an adult sandbox called Dig This.

Now that we have talked about several of the family friendly options, lets talk about what people really go to Las Vegas for. Las Vegas Escorts, strippers, and other adults only entertainment.

Earlier I mentioned Cirque Du Soleil, and while that is still a good option there is another place you should go for your bachelor party if you are feeling a circus but want something more adult. Absinthe Las Vegas is an adults only circus that is filled with adult jokes, high flying acrobatics, and even lovely ladies in burlesque.

If you are in the mood to see some lady parts that are different than your fiance’s there are countless topless and even full nude clubs in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is home to some of the best strip clubs in the world. There are websites where people list their opinion on the best strip clubs in Las Vegas, and these five clubs are on every list. In no particular order they are, Treasures, Spearmint Rhino, Sapphire, Palomino, and Little Darlings. I know for a fact that some of the biggest Porn Stars dance pretty regularly at Sapphire, so the shows there are probably very wild If you do plan on hopping from strip club to strip club I recommend buying a V Card. With a V Card you get free entry into every club on this list except for Spearmint Rhino. Maybe, with luck, someone in the group could even get a few of the strippers and dancers to you room.

If you are thinking about going a step farther than strippers and Las Vegas escorts are almost as famous as Cirque Du Soleil and the people that have residencies in Vegas. The Las Vegas escort scene has been documented in several documentaries and other forms of media. If your group has trouble getting the strippers and dancers to you room then you all can go to theirs. Escorts are all over the streets, but going to a brothel is probably the safer and more legal thing to do as opposed to getting an escort off of the street. However if you want to get to a brothel you will most likely have to drive a pretty good distance out of Las Vegas to get to a place where prostitution is legal. If this is something that you really want to do visit the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. This Brothel is so famous it had its own HBO television series.
Runway escorts in Las Vegas is another safe way to get an escort. Runway escorts in Las Vegas is one of the highest rated escorts services in the area. They boast about an extensive selection of beautiful women that are willing to “give you the girlfriend experience without the commitment.”

In conclusion, no matter if you are looking for a family friendly time or X Rated Las Vegas is the perfect place for your bachelor party. You and your group of friends will have a great time, and as long as they spend all of the money and you don’t cheat your fiance will be happy that you went.

How to Keep any Relationship Strong

So you’ve finally met that special someone who absolutely completes you. Together, you’ve survived the courtship and dating phase, navigated the highly explosive initial charges of sexual chemistry and reached the happy stability of a dependable long term relationship. “Team Us” is in full swing and you intend to keep it that way. But relationships can and do plateau when things get to be business as usual, so you want pro-active solutions to prevent that from happening. Team Us is going to have to overcome the challenges that come, but how?

Being able to identify issues known to hinder relationships can help. Here are ten reasons for an epic relationship fail:

*Different life speeds
*Relationship abuse
*Lifestyle habits and abuse

Now Team Us knows what problems to look for, let’s look at relationships from the more optimistic and pro-active angle.

Remember not to lose sight of the individuals that comprised Team Us to begin with. Most relationships start off great because the individual dynamic potentials of two separate people came together harmoniously. It remains imperative both of you stay at the top of your respective games, and healthy as well. Also, in the beginning, each of you had an air of mystique for the other to investigate. Stay mysterious by keeping your partner guessing, but never in doubt. It’s a reasonable expectation that you each bear a responsibility with keeping the other engaged in the relationship.

It’s important to remember to keep your expectations reasonable. When Team Us first broke ground, you each were into the other wherever your lives were at the time. Now while it’s a good rule of thumb to motivate and embrace change, you’ve got to understand the actual abilities and limitations of each team member forming Team Us. If neither of you were a millionaire when you met, it’s a little unfair to expect it by next November, or at all. What works best is if you both are aware of and communicate what it is you expect out of life and each other. Move forward as a team, but never hold the other back. If changes are necessary, communicate them.

Now that Team Us has communicated its expectations within a reasonable level, it’s time to seek those changes inherent in keeping a relationship healthy. No one, except maybe ponds, likes stagnation. It’s strong advice that Team Us put time aside to set goals and plans. Utilize a date night for a team meeting. It’ll enhance the sense of togetherness and you can seal any deals with intimacy. Throughout the evening, take time to assess where the relationship’s at and where you’d like it to go. Don’t be afraid to take chances, and move forward together.

You have to talk in a healthy relationship. It’s understood that some people have a hard time opening up and it’s not suggested you waterboard your partner in Team Us, but this is how trust develops. Talking will allow you to set boundaries, gain trust, express your perspective, bond, share memories, show love and fight. Yes, fight. There’s nothing wrong with fighting as long as it’s done with respect. You are a unit made of two unique individuals who have their own perceptions of life. You won’t always agree. Remember the principles of reasonable expectations? Good. Respectful fighting is fine as long as it’s followed by forgiveness. And this is the person you love, unconditionally, so why not truly forgive them? Besides, fighting can lead to earth-rattling sex.

Do NOT underestimate the important of sex as it plays a huge roll in the intimate glue of Team Us. It’s a communication of emotions, passion spelling itself out with the caress of body parts. With every action in sex, you’re communicating a hidden message of love and
fiery passion. Learn how to read and speak the language of sex. Think about what you want your body to say. Use verbal communication if you aren’t getting your points across. Affection and love are also aspects of romance that need to be nurtured. The principles of uncertainty and unpredictability can play major roles here. Utilize creative surprise through actions expressing love. Be spontaneous in your endeavors.

Team Us isn’t going to work if someone decides not to show up. This is where lifestyle issues such as drug and alcohol abuse can play a destructive factor. Being selfish in any of the aspects of a relationship can cause irrevocable harm. Dependability and trust rely on you being available.

If you get stuck on ways how to express yourself, need tips on a better sex life or ways to be romantic, the internet is a treasure trove of ideas. Remember, respect is at the core of every aspect of successful relationships. With it, Team Us can be an epic win.